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Eco Village Retreat

8th - 10th July 2022

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Eco Village Retreat

The Fold, Bransford, Worcester WR6 5JB

8th - 10th July 2022

Now sold out!

Experience yoga, mindfulness, meditation and a transformative connection to nature in an incredible temporary and unique eco-village in the beautiful Worcestershire countryside. This village is built from scratch every summer and is here for just two months each year. Reconnect with your authentic self within a safe, nourishing and inspiring environment whilst learning to tread more lightly on our planet. Feel how we are all part of nature and come alive united in the ancient wisdom that lies within us all.

During this retreat you’ll also experience guided meditation, powerful sound healing and breath work, whilst embracing self-insight, renewed wonder and a deep sense of calm.

The Venue

A pioneering centre promoting sustainable living and healthy lifestyles on an organic working farm within the beautiful Teme River Valley. The tranquil setting of this 200 acre organic farm includes woodland and a river, and is just 10 mins away from the majestic Malvern Hills. This eco campsite offers guests a unique way to experience the outdoors in comfort and style. Bedding is included with all of the furnished tents and all of the water used on-site goes directly back into the earth, so please make sure all your toiletries are environmentally friendly. We provide suitable soap, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner to all guests.

Site facilities include

  • Large pitches, standard furnished tents or furnished bell tents
  • Yurt sitting room
  • Three vegetarian meals a day
  • Hot wood-fired showers
  • On-site plumbing, washing-up area & kitchen
  • Eco composting toilets
  • Café and licensed bar (items not included in ticket price)
  • Cosy communal evening campfire
  • Solar-powered charging station
  • Free Wi-Fi and emergency telephone landline
  • Opportunities to learn more about sustainable and planet kinder living practices

Located in a beautiful field between shrubs and trees and bounded by a river, you can find us near Bransford, Worcestershire. Also easily accessible by public transport with buses from Worcester to a bus stop just by the farm entrance. When you have booked, we will send you detailed travel directions including bus times, maps and descriptions of the route for cyclists and motorists. An ideal location for walking, hiking and exploring the beautiful countryside, a perfect escape to nature.

Please check out the following links to discover more about this beautiful and inspiring venue.

The Accommodation

Experience the outdoors in comfort and style. Choose to stay in a fully furnished tent or bring your own.

Please note accommodation is given out on a first come first served basis. The 2 and 4 bed tents if not filled by a group must be shared.

Prices are per person and based on sharing except in single occupancy tents. Please request your preference if wishing to share with a particular guest and availability will be confirmed.

Now SOld Out

Furnished Bell Tent Sleeps 1
Furnished Bell Tent Sleeps 2
Furnished Bell Tent Sleeps 4

The Food

Our retreat includes delicious home-cooked vegetarian food, served in the outdoor dining area or Yurt.
Sustainable practices are at the centre of our ethos and our cooks produce seasonal, vegetarian food for our guests, sourced whenever possible from local food suppliers. 
Food allergies & intolerances 
Please tell us in advance of your stay of any food allergies or intolerances you may have.
You can tell us this on the notes when booking your ticket.

The Yoga

Hilly Hannken

Hilly’s beautiful and gentle style of Hatha yoga incorporates many of the most common forms of yoga taught in the west today. Suitable for all levels of experience and fitness, Hilly will guide you to move your body slowly and deliberately into different poses that gently challenge your strength and flexibility whilst helping you achieve a sense of peace, mindfulness and gratitude.

With awareness on breathing and posture, Hilly will help you to build core strength which is key to good posture and encourages improvements in balance. Hilly’s practice also enhances the health of your spine, joints and muscles which promote improvements in the range of motion in your joints. Hilly’s beautiful energy can guide you in your practise to a place where levels of anxiety and depression caused by everyday living can be significantly reduced.

We are delighted to partner with Hilly for this retreat.

Prabhakara Hannken

Born in Auckland, New Zealand but resident in the UK since 1994, Prabhakara has been practicing yoga since 1988 and has been teaching since 1998. He is a certified Iyengar yoga teacher and currently holds a Level 3 certification.

Iyengar yoga is a style of yoga that emphasises precision in alignment steadiness in holding poses to build strength and flexibility. It also builds mental stamina and quietness of mind.

The name Prabhakara was given to him in 1997 when he was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order. He has studied and practiced yoga alongside his practice of Buddhism and the two have informed each other throughout his life.

Prabhakara regularly attends yoga classes and workshops both in the UK and overseas to deepen his practice and understanding of yoga.

Forest Bathing & Breath

Forest Bathing

We often look to nature as a place of healing, to soothe us and rejuvenate our spirit. We feel such comfort in nature, perhaps this is due to our ancestors being intimately tied to the natural environment, perhaps it’s where we feel a greater connection to our authentic self. In nature we can feel the opening of our senses and awareness, we can feel alive and immerse ourselves in the present moment, letting go of thought and surrendering to the gifts of the natural world. This simple method of being calm and quiet amongst the trees, observing nature whilst breathing deeply can help us de-stress and boost health and wellbeing in a natural way.
By paying attention to your breath, observe what you notice while taking in your surroundings using all of your senses. How does the forest make you feel? Take a deep look at nature’s small details. Sit quietly using mindful observation, try to avoid thinking about your daily life. Keep your eyes open, the colours of nature are soothing and comforting. Breathe in the forest and expel the doubts that haunt you.

Breathe - The restorative Power of Breath

Breathwork allows us to disconnect from the mind and reconnect with our body and energy. From this elevated state of awareness, we are able to heal, grow, and expand.
Learn to harness the power of breath when you feel negative emotions such as stress, tension, overwhelm, anxiety, depression, fear, anger, or sadness,  and nourish your being when you feel ready for the deeper layers of love, peace, gratitude, clarity, connection, and profound insight. Surrender to whatever is happening, your body has an innate intelligence and wisdom and it will support you in releasing what no longer serves you.Trust the breath will take you to the deepest level of healing.
A breathwork session taps into an inner empowerment that comes from within you. Your breath can become the source of answers, insights and freedom and guide you in your life, your work and your place in the world.


Not just a spiritual practice, to truly understand the effect breathing has on the body, it’s important to acknowledge the autonomic nervous system. This is the bodily system that regulates the internal organs, instincts, and other primal functions typically outside our conscious awareness. This has two core functions, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. The sympathetic nervous system drives the “fight or flight” response and when our breathing is short and rapid, our stress hormones kick in, and can drain our adrenals, leaving us depleted. The parasympathetic nervous system is our “rest and digest” mode, which aids in dropping the heart rate and blood pressure, initiating a state of calm. We often suffer from anxiety and stress, therefore we need more practices that attend to our inner nurturing, our parasympathetic nervous system.
When we use the breath skilfully, we can support the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems, ensuring healthy physiological responses. Different breath practices can ignite different states, either elevating energy or relaxing the body. We can control our emotional states and activate the parasympathetic or sympathetic systems, depending on what we need and how we’re feeling. Anxiety, poor sleep, and stress are significant factors in chronic health conditions, all of which could be improved by disciplined attentiveness to the breath.

There is always something new to learn, and always an opportunity to keep evolving

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